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Greetings in the name of Jesus!

We would like to give you a short ministry report. During the past month, we had an evangelist from the north visit our ministry here in central India. This was a blessed time for us. We invited our Hindu friends to Hindu-style worship services that were centered on Jesus.

Almost 55 people attended the worship service and our friend from the north shared the Good News of Jesus with them for the first time. After the service, we visited our Hindu friends in their homes and shared the Good News again over numerous cups of chai.

A couple days later we conducted another Jesus-centered worship service. About 125 people attended and several of them are leaders in our community. One of them is a Hindu priest and the headmaster of a school. Three lawyers attended along with a poet and a principle of another school. The poet wrote a poem based on the life of Jesus and he has been attending our weekly fellowship regularly.

For the past six years, we have been praying for this Hindu people group. Thanks be to God; this year he has opened the door for us to speak into their lives! Please pray for a revival to sweep through this people group.